New Spore Games Announced

picture-189EA and Maxis recently announced four new additions to the SPORE franchise. The first is the second expansion pack for the original game, titled SPORE: Galactic Adventures. Not only will you finally be able to design planets without terraforming, you can even create your own quests to go along with them. These quests will be played creature stage style and will have you beaming down one of your creatures to explore planets and play the levels. Another notable feature on this expansion is that you will no longer be confined to city walls. In this pack you will be able to place objects almost anywhere on the planet. The next game is SPORE Heroes for the wii. This platformer spinoff will give you less creative freedom, but your player character will be fully designable. SPORE Heroes will have pre-made levels and a storyline. The third game is a tie-in to Heroes, SPORE Heroes Arena is the second SPORE DS game. Here you will design Fully-3D creations (A step up from The first game’s paper-like ones.) and share them with other players via wi-fi to battle. Finally we have SPORE Creature Keeper. Aimed at younger audiences, SPORE Creature Keeper is similar to the PETZ games, as always players can design a creature to groom, feed, and play with. All four games are slated for a Fall 2009 release if not earlier. I’ll be sure to review these games once they are released.


~ by sporeteam on January 30, 2009.

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