Spore Beta: The Aquatic Phase

picture-2This is something new for SPORE Insider. Occasionally we will post some info on the development of SPORE including concept art and old screenshots. Our first one features the Aquatic Phase, which is one of three gameplay phases which never made it into the base game, though Maxis has mentioned the possibility of it’s return in an expansion. The aquatic phase was never completed for a number of reasons. For example there were control issues which made it hard to play it. The aquatic stage would have came right after the Cell Stage where you would be able to design a fish-like creature. In the Alpha, DNA points were used in the creature phase to buy larger brains and continue to the next level. This might have been the case with this level too. Originally you could have chosen to continue to the Tribal and City stages underwater, but this was later scrapped because of usability issues. Today, only a few traces of underwater life are still found in the game like the giant sea monster or the gatherable fish.




~ by sporeteam on February 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spore Beta: The Aquatic Phase”

  1. Looks like its gonna be awesome! (When its not a beta anymore, you know, the real thing. Some AWESOME pics could come out of this stage! ( Would be awesome here)

  2. i really hate what maxis did to the game but being the middle class freak i am i am willing to pour money into this game

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