GamePro Previews Galactic Adventures Too

picture-16I’ve recently found a new video preview on Gamepro, this video goes more in-depth with the expansion. First off the planet editor was shown once again. It works like all the other editors of the game. There’s one side which lets you build the planet and the other side lets you paint it. There are preset color themes or you could make your own. There is also a mood panel which allows you to select the lighting and lock it so you can keep it there if you want your whole adventure to be during a certain time of day. Other sliders allowed you to change the atmosphere and temperature. Since this editor was a development tool, one of the most important features are the terrain stamps. This tool will let you stamp down geographical features such as mountains and volcanos. With the object placer, Maxis will ship a large amount of buildings and props with the expansion for you to use if you don’t wish to create your own. And yes, there is a complexity meter. Music selection will also be present. The second editor was also shown, which is used to design you player character. The weapons you add on your creature will all have different effects and you can make them strong or weak depending on how much energy you want to use. In the video, the Maxis employee also pointed out the textures will look more like they do in the editor, hopefully this applies to the civilzation stage’s gamepley textures too.


~ by sporeteam on February 7, 2009.

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