New Galactic Adventures Preview

picture-11Yet another new preview, CVG has posted a new preview featuring Morgan Roarty who will explain more details for Spore’s first full expansion. There’s lot’s of new information to be had. EA has revealed that you will start out with 30 base missions to play with (Two of which we’ve already heard about.) . It is also said the planet editor will allow you to change all factors of a Planet’s look including temperature, color, and the land shape as well before adding the many objects you made in the editor be it buildings, creatures, or even props to add detail. Perhaps we can even decide the planet shape (Sphere/Cube) and maybe even size. The actual missions appear to allow a lot of creative potential. Some things include being able to add dialogue, sounds, timers, and traps. Jump pads and mines are also included inside the editor. Some new weapons have also been mentioned like fire swords and blaster rifles. See the complete preview here. In short, Galactic Adventures might have as much possibilities to create levels as you could have in LittleBigPlanet, and perhaps even create levels based on video games and releasing them to the sporepedia without getting them banned…


~ by sporeteam on February 7, 2009.

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