Galactic Adventures NYCC Video Walkthrough

picture-30This could be the final piece of media from Comic-con ’09, Caryl Shaw has once again shown a great video of Spore’s Second Expansion. This ten minute video goes over the details we’ve all heard before, some new ones have also been revealed. The video started out in the planet editor, once you designed a creature and outfitted it with weapons, you could select it from it’s section on the sporepedia and add it as the “captain” who the player will control. She also said you can add posse members to follow you around and fight for you. In the video she added a hellhound to your side. Then she placed a medusa enemy and showed the functions that you could edit such as her awareness range. There are also interactable objects which you can place onto the level via the sporepedia. Sadly you cannot design new ones. In the video I noticed there were bombs, explosive barrels, grenades, small, medium, and large jump pads, and color-coded gates with matching keys. There were also props/relics from the space game which you could place. The objects I saw were altar, ancient book, ancient chest, ancient column, ancient mask, ancient pot, ancient scroll, ancient sporeian ruins, ancient sword, ancient tablet, ancient urn, axe, a back-slapping tree of some sort, and ball. She placed some grenades and went back into the game. You can actually pick these objects up and throw them. After the planet editor, she went to a short scenario reminiscent of the game Duck Hunt, except without the annoying dog. After the duck-like sporeians were defeated the level was over, a screen with mission stats was displayed. It will show things like how long the level took, what you killed/destroyed, how many objects were picked up, and who you befriended. The video ended with an awesome level showing a large battle against tanks and creatures. See the entire video here.


~ by sporeteam on February 12, 2009.

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