Spore Beta: Spice Farms

picture-36Welcome to SPORE Insider’s second beta gallery. Occasionally we will post some info on the development of SPORE including concept art and old screenshots. this week’s topic is spice farming which was the old way you got resources in the Civilization stage. In the beta, ou were able to place buildings outside of the city walls. There was a seperate editor for farm buildings and another editor for farming vehicles, who’s purpose is unknown. Maxis then removed the farming aspect and remade the spice to reflect the real world more as an oil-like resource. Even before that, you were originally able to place buildings outside your city walls, in some screenshots I noticed there were tower-like buildings place around the city boundaries, possibly the old defense turrets? Even earlier, smaller buildings were seen littered across the planet. Even though this feature was taken out from the final version of the game, we can now place buildings anywhere on the planet thanks to the new Planet Editor included in the new Galactic Adventures expansion due for SPORE.



~ by sporeteam on February 13, 2009.

One Response to “Spore Beta: Spice Farms”

  1. Some of the code for the farms/markets/temples are still in the game, its fun looking through all the EA’s code finding stuff like this.

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