More Details On Spore Hero

picture-130MTV Multiplayer has just posted an interview with Lucy Bradshaw to talk about the new Spore spinoff for the Wii. Spore Hero is a new game which is based solely on the creature stage like Spore Creatures for the DS. Although the game will have you be able to do more things and lots of chances to use motion control. In a way, this really is Spore Creatures for the wii. The story has you crash landing on a new planet and evolving yourself while tending to the needs of other species to help them evolve. Though we’ve seen previous gammeplay aready, it appears that the version we saw was using the original creature stage’s parts and coats, but that might change before the game comes out. Spore Hero will not be able to connect to the Sporepedia like the Creature Keeper. See the full interview here.


~ by sporeteam on March 13, 2009.

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