GDC ’09 Spore Schedule

picture-25The upcoming Game Developers Convention will feature a few guests from Maxis to talk about various aspects on game development and their own personal experiences. First off, Richard Evans (Senior AI Programmer for The Sims 3.) will have two lectures on Modeling individual personality, mood, and emotion in characters. Basically this just means how to differentiate characters and NPCs in games, which with games like The Sims 3 is very important. Next up, Chris Hecker (The man who ruined Spore.) is having a session on User Generated Content and how it is used now. A non-Maxis employee, Margaret Robinson will be doing a presentation exploring the release of Spore and it’s impact on the video game industry. She will be talking about how Spore could be used as a tool in the classroom. Stone Librande, lead Game Designer for Spore will be doing one of the more interesting presentations of the conference. In his lecture he will explain and show the earliest versions of Spore when simple paper prototypes of what the game was planned to look like were made. By now you’ve probably heard of Caryl Shaw, the Producer of Spore will be showing what Maxis has learned from the online community of the game and what the company learned from that and how they will implement it in future titles and expansions. Mike Pagano will be presenting on the challenges of porting games to the Iphone platform. Mike has been the producer for both Spore Origins & SimCity. Finally, Eric Grundstrom, Senior Software Engineer for EA will be talking with people who worked on popular games like Bioshock, Gears Of War, and Spore. More information on the conference and presentations can be found on the official GDC Site or from the the original post at SimPrograms.


~ by sporeteam on April 4, 2009.

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