GDC 2009: Fulfilling The Massively Single Player Promise – How’d We Do?

picture-11Caryl Shaw’s presentation at GDC is a slightly more interesting one, the beginning she started talking aout her personal life and about Cheese, her cat. She mentioned how the Sporepedia servers were actually bought early on in development, 2005 to be precise. However this seemed to be a benefit for Maxis because they were able to properly test the servers to prevent them from crashin on release day. She also gave out some stats.

89,505,660 total uploads since June
1.5-2m uploads per week (1m per day the first week)
2.6m registered users
3500 new users a day
500-600k uniques a month to
4.45 minutes (average time per visit)
5 – number of Web Engineers at Maxis (plus Ernie, the part-time database guy)

For those who want to read more on the presentation, you can go to Kotaku’s or Simprograms’ articles to read more.


~ by sporeteam on April 9, 2009.

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