GDC 2009: The Science Of Spore?

picture-9Gamasutra has posted an article on the outcome of journalist Margaret Robinson’s presentation at GDC ’09. Her presentation at GDC was centered around the impact of Spore’s release and the science behind the game. As many have noticed already Spore was not the scientific game it was promised early on to be. “It has rather meanly but accurately described as not being an evolution simulator but a Mr. Potato Head simulator” says Robinson, commenting on the creature phase. She then talks about Flunking Spore, an article showing how scientific Spore really turned out to be in the end. After her science segment, she continued onto the release of the game and the controversy it generated. I really can’t bring myself to summarize the whole article so you’ll have to see for yourself, but I must add it is an interesting read which I think reflects on how fans from the beginning have said about the final version of the game.


~ by sporeteam on April 9, 2009.

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