SporeDay: Meet The Captains

picture-61In the recent SporeDay site update, Maxis has given us eight 3D models of some of the possible captains you can create with GA’s new Captain outfitter. This also us a chance to get a close look at some of the awesome new parts up close instead of from a fuzzy trailer still. I’ve identified most of the parts with functions on the models. In the second (pictured) shows the jetpack which is likely an upgraded form of the jump jet. The inspiring song item can be see in the fourth pic which is less of a weapon and more of a social item who’s purpose I’ve yet to find out. The jump jets give you a small boost to get off the ground and reach higer places. Maxis has said in an early interview that 32 new parts will be included for the captains, by release we may have even more. See the captain models at this page.


~ by sporeteam on April 9, 2009.

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