GA Fansite Kit

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picture-8Your GA fanboy dreams are now complete, Maxis has released a fansite kit for rabid Spore fans to use on their pages to promote the upcoming game. In total there’s 14 pieces of media including buddy icons, oversived wallpapers and banners. If you’d like to download the kit you can head over to the download agreement page to get it.


SporeDay: Meet The Captains

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picture-61In the recent SporeDay site update, Maxis has given us eight 3D models of some of the possible captains you can create with GA’s new Captain outfitter. This also us a chance to get a close look at some of the awesome new parts up close instead of from a fuzzy trailer still. I’ve identified most of the parts with functions on the models. In the second (pictured) shows the jetpack which is likely an upgraded form of the jump jet. The inspiring song item can be see in the fourth pic which is less of a weapon and more of a social item who’s purpose I’ve yet to find out. The jump jets give you a small boost to get off the ground and reach higer places. Maxis has said in an early interview that 32 new parts will be included for the captains, by release we may have even more. See the captain models at this page.

New GA Interview & Trailer

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picture-33IGN has just had an interview with Spore’s Senior Producer, Kip Katsarelis. A captain’s log is first mentioned here, the aim of this is to keep track of the missions you’ve done and other information as well. The space stage will also be affected with new unlockable abilities and achievements. A Hype trailer was also released with the interview, it confirmed that the official release date will in fact be June 23. Read the full interview here.

SporeDay Community Interview

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picture-33For the recent SporeDay, Maxis has asked the Spore Community to submit their questions on Spore’s next expansion and have them answered by Lead Game Designer Stone Librande. The answers are now in. The interview mentions many previously unknown things. Apparently you can access adventures by talking to other empires, completing them will earn you sporebucks for the Space Stage. You will also get Spore Points to upgrade your captain with new weapons and armor. The act limit for a mission has been increased from 3 to 8, allowing for a total of 24 goals to complete. Stone also says that branching text and dialog trees for dialogue won’t be in the game, much like pathway conversations. See the complete 67-question interview at this thread.

GDC ’09 Spore Schedule

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picture-25The upcoming Game Developers Convention will feature a few guests from Maxis to talk about various aspects on game development and their own personal experiences. First off, Richard Evans (Senior AI Programmer for The Sims 3.) will have two lectures on Modeling individual personality, mood, and emotion in characters. Basically this just means how to differentiate characters and NPCs in games, which with games like The Sims 3 is very important. Next up, Chris Hecker (The man who ruined Spore.) is having a session on User Generated Content and how it is used now. A non-Maxis employee, Margaret Robinson will be doing a presentation exploring the release of Spore and it’s impact on the video game industry. She will be talking about how Spore could be used as a tool in the classroom. Stone Librande, lead Game Designer for Spore will be doing one of the more interesting presentations of the conference. In his lecture he will explain and show the earliest versions of Spore when simple paper prototypes of what the game was planned to look like were made. By now you’ve probably heard of Caryl Shaw, the Producer of Spore will be showing what Maxis has learned from the online community of the game and what the company learned from that and how they will implement it in future titles and expansions. Mike Pagano will be presenting on the challenges of porting games to the Iphone platform. Mike has been the producer for both Spore Origins & SimCity. Finally, Eric Grundstrom, Senior Software Engineer for EA will be talking with people who worked on popular games like Bioshock, Gears Of War, and Spore. More information on the conference and presentations can be found on the official GDC Site or from the the original post at SimPrograms.

Will Wright Nominated For ELAN Award

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Among such video games legends as Gabe Newell (Founder of Valve and one of the many geniuses behind the original Half-life.) and Shigeru Miyamoto (Creator of Mario.), Will Wright is up for an induction into the Elan Video game hall of fame. Other categories for the award include Lifetime achievement in animation and the Visionary Award. The winners of this prestigous award will be announced on Saturday, April 25, 2009 by Tom Kenny, who some might know as the voice for SpongeBob Squarepants.

BetterSpore 1.5 Released

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picture-4The largest active mod for Spore yet has been rereleased with many new features. If you are new to Betterspore or Spore mods in general, Betterspore is a giant mod aimed at improving various aspects of Spore as well as giving you more objects for use in the Creature editor. Version 1.5 includes 46 new parts, 20 new Space Stage tools. The mod also improves the creature, tribal, and civilization stages like how NPC creatures will actually wander around the planet now. I’ve actually tried it myself and It seems to be a pretty good mod, though I could do without the weird UI retexture, the new parts and gameplay improvements are very useful. If you want to use this mod yourself, visit the Official Page to download it.